Wall plaques have a variety of purposes, whether they are to be used internally or externally, they can have a powerful visual impact. There is a wide range of wall plaques; some are made from metal or acrylic whilst others are made from wood, meeting diverse needs and requirements.

Here are 4 common uses of wall plaques:

  • Recognition and expression of gratitude

Wall plaques can be presented in the form of an award, that symbolises achievement and provides a more permanent memento than perhaps a certificate would. In addition to this, wall plaques are designed to be displayed – preferably somewhere on show where they can attract attention. Although plaques are used for awards, they can be used as presentational features too! They are convenient because it is relatively straightforward to add or remove from the wall, perhaps if you have to redecorate or even re-accommodate for other plaques.

4 Amazing Uses for Wall Plaques

  • Interior and exterior signage

If you want to make a statement in your office, wall plaques can be customised to have the company logo on – this makes it personal to you and/or your business. Furthermore, a wall plaque could provide a sense of direction, either internally or externally, to a department. Department signage is extremely effective at displaying clear and visual directions – reducing the likelihood of confusion. If you are personalising your wall plaque, it is advisable to use your company colours; this would make you stand out from the crowd and be more recognisable!

  • Design

What material do you want your plaque to be made from? Bronze? Aluminium? Stainless steel? Wooden? The choice is yours!

Wall plaques enable you to be creative and design something which is personal to you – incorporating your needs and specifications. A customised wall plaque provides added sentimental value, making it entirely unique to you!

If you think your company is lacking in decoration – a wall plaque could fill this space. They are often used to improve the initial appearance of an area – making it more appealing and welcoming – after all first impressions are most important!

  • Memorial

Wooden wall plaques are used for memorials especially. They are simplistic and highly distinctive. Often natural woods are used to create commemorative plaques – providing you with a quality finish that will be long-lasting. They have a professional appearance and display a clear message which is easily readable. Memorial plaques are idyllic if you are trying to say a personal goodbye – it is an alternative to a traditional headstone and looks more elegant.

Wall plaques at Award EFX

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