September is a month for falling leaves and ripening fruit, and the start of the school year for kids. But it’s not all about the end of the summer – it is also the month when pirates invade many parts of the country. On September 19th it’s International Talk like a Pirate Day, a day when “Ahoy matie!” replaces “Hello”, and people think back at the Golden Age of Piracy (especially since captain Jack Sparrow has become a famous pirate in the meantime).

While it’s a parody holiday, it has become famous all over the world. Founded in 1995 by John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy), two Oregon pirates, the International Talk like a Pirate Day grew out of an inside joke between the two. It gained international fame after humor columnist Dave Barry picked it up in 2002. After years of growth, the holiday was declared an official one for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a parody religion that considers pirates to be its original adepts.

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Since its inception, the International Talk like a Pirate Day has reached incredible heights for a parody. Two US states, Michigan and California, recognize it officially as a holiday, for example. American coffee house chain Krispy Kreme gives out free donuts to people dressed as pirates on September 19th, and Long John Silver’s, inspired by R. L. Stevenson’s famous pirate, has a similar promotion to honor the occasion.

So where did you spend this year’s International Talk like a Pirate Day? I know I spent it on deck (at home), with my faithful matey (my computer), playing some of my favorite games for loot at the Royal Vegas online casino. The game I chose for this special occasion at first was Thousand Islands, but the loot was not enough for my piratey needs, so I moved on to Loose Cannon, the best pirate themed game I’ve ever played, arrrr. The loot offered by the Royal Vegas was great for this day, and I even had the chance to win a share of Demolition Dan’s six-figure prize pool. He must be a successful pirate if he has so much loot to share. But the Royal Vegas always has more loot for the adventurous pirate in you. A few months back it offered its players the chance to feel like a real pirate. Royal Vegas players could compete – by playing their favorite games – to win one of the 50 week long cruises through the Caribbean. (And I was tempted to make another Jack Sparrow reference here, but I changed my mind).

The International Talk like a Pirate day might not be an official holiday, it still has the potential to sneak some fun an playfulness into our everyday routine. It’s great to have a day to remind us of the glorified past, with unlikely anti-heroes sailing the high seas, robbing any ship they come across, gathering loot and drinking run all the time. It’s an occasion to become something else – even if for just one day.