As a recruiter or employer, filling positions with the best talent is a top priority. Challenges notwithstanding, recruitment for highly technical positions often require a strategy that is separate from some traditional approaches. Just 10 years ago, positions like semiconductor experts did not exist.So, it goes without saying that 10 year-old strategies may not produce the results you need. Your location could add to this difficulty when specialized experience and skills are necessary to fill a job. The answer? Combine some traditional recruiting techniques with modern approaches.

Reach Candidates Through Social Media NetworksSince you are looking to hire technical staff, suggesting that you use social media networks might seem obvious. Yet, some companies that have social media accounts do not know how to use them to recruit hard-to-fill positions.To begin, do not post a job opening. First, show prospective candidates what a day in their life will look like if they worked for your company. Highlight profiles of employees who love coming to work.Encourage HR managers, recruiters and current employees to also use social media to find prospective candidates. This is another way to reach untapped pools. If necessary, train employees on building online networks to help recruit candidates. Monitor each network to determine which one gets the most traction to optimize your efforts.Tap into Current Staff for ReferralsEmployee referrals are a traditional form of recruiting, yet is still very effective. Typically, referrals from current employees lead to better candidates who usually stay with your company longer.

Encourage more participation by implementing an employee referral program.Once you set a budget for the referral program, you can track how well the program is going. Incentivized employees tend to work harder to accomplish goals.Advertise Based on the Interests of CandidatesFor many people today, choosing a job means more than a steady paycheck. Candidates also want to know what will be their experience at your company. Additionally, they want to know whether the position satisfies their values and interests.The totality of the role must be conveyed beyond the traditional job description. While candidates want to know what is expected on the job, they also want a position that offers some flexibility and meaning.

Finding solid technical candidates for positions that are hard to fill can seem like an arduous task. Using some or all of these methods can help you hire sooner and keep turnover rates low.