There are some people who want to have curly hair while others wish that they could find some way to straighten the hair so that it looks like a stick. Fortunately, there are a solutions that you can use at home to get the straight hair that you desire without a lot of wear and tear on your beautiful locks. An option before trying natural solutions is to look at the Straight Request hair care products that many salons offer. These are products that are easy to use and deliver results.

After you wash your hair, the best thing is to let it dry naturally. Using a hair dryer puts added stress from the heat that it doesn’t need. However, as the hair dries, brush it about every five minutes. Use a brush that has soft bristles so that it’s gentle on the hair. You can also pull the strands that you are brushing to help them along the way.

Another option after the hair is washed is to use a wide-toothed comb through the hair. This puts lets stress on the strands as well. Divide the hair down the center before combing to ensure that each strand gets as straight as possible without any waves from the hair being in a zig-zag fashion.

When the hair is wet, use the largest roller that you can find to wrap the hair around. You want something about the size of a soda can. Without letting any moisture reach the hair, let your locks dry naturally. Take the rollers out of the hair gently, and you should see that the strands are straight. Hot rollers that are the same size will work as well. They will tend to dry the hair a bit faster to give a straighter look in a short time without waiting for the hair to dry naturally. A ponytail is a good option if you sleep on the hair like that at night. It will help to pull the hair so that it’s straight when you get up in the morning. Sleeping with the hair in a bun is also an option and works with hair that is already straight.