Dyeing hair with tea? If, with different teas we can give color to our hair, avoiding the use of chemicals. Let’s see how is the method and the different types of tea to use.

Tea hair coloring naturally

Dyed with natural elements is not a modern science. Indigenous and aboriginal cultures have used fruits, spices, herbs, bark, and everywhere in different plant species, for dyeing natural fiber fabrics and items from times immemorial. But today learn a different use of spices in the tincture: we will see how to bring out the color of your hair, dyeing it with simple tea.

FashionWhy use tea to dye your hair?

Choose natural solutions for our beauty rituals and cosmetic is always a wise decision. Avoid chemicals not only it allows you greater current health but also avoid bodily conditions conducive to the development of certain diseases.

It has been shown that chemicals of commercial hair dyes conducive conditions for the development of some types of cancer, including Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Also alter your chemical balance and have often adverse conditions regarding their side effects, including allergic reactions, weakness and hair loss, burning and itching and many others.
As we see, choosing natural solutions is the way to continue for a full and healthy life, today and posterity.

Tea as a natural dye

Stained with tea in fabrics and clothing are ideal, as they achieve a uniform permanent color, which does not fade or discolor in subsequent washes. Similarly, you can use tea leaves prepared in infusion to cover and light hair pigment, especially those first few gray hairs, without the need for chemical dyes that end up damaging your hair.

Also tea, plus white coloring gray hair naturally smooth and provides an unmatched shine to all hair. You can even achieve different tones, from light blond to brown regular, using different varieties of tea and more or less restful charged or infusions. See the methodology.

How to dye your hair with tea

Prepare infusion in boiling water, resting one to two tablespoons of tea leaves (more for darker shades, with longer rest in the water) in about two cups of boiling water. Leave until the infusion to warm or cool, and strain by placing the liquid in a plastic bottle for easy application.

Applied to your hair after shampooing, left to act in gentle massage, soaping your skin while acting tea to avoid minor stains on your body. Then simply rinse, and let dry or apply the dryer, to your preference.

Teas and colors

Preferably, use sheets or strands of natural tea, although in cases of need you can use even shopping bags or tea bags.

The green tea is very delicate in color, mixed with fresh lemon juice can bring light to shine and light hair. For its part, the red tea, Ceylon and black are the most appropriate to achieve more noticeable discoloration. Remember that a stronger tea, applied and steeping for longer on your hair, will give a darker color and pronounced.