While traveling on business, you can get some time to explore the city. The question is to organize the agenda and follow these tips.

Knowing the city for a business trip

It is true that during a business trip is not too much free time to explore the city between meetings. However, there is a time that some call “dead”, where the offices are closed, congresses and meetings are ending for the day.

TravelBusiness Travel: How to organize the agenda to know the city

If you have a working meeting at 10 am and another at 3 in the afternoon, what do you do in the time between the two? Well, you have several alternatives. One can be on work for what follows, but is also another interesting stay and enjoy the nearby attractions of the destination.

It should be well organized and to consider certain factors when deciding where to go to meet its obligations, and at the same time fun great in an unknown city or visit worthwhile.

As a first step, prior planning is necessary. Not the same a week at this site and have a congress that takes all day to go for two days and have one meeting. So first of all you schedule your professional events.

A good idea to keep a diary or planner with schedules where they can record the activities. It is true that some of them can be extended or reduced, however, you should know approximately how long it takes you meet each.

Furthermore, in business “time is money” and if you have said that the meeting will be from 10 to 11, do not expect much more than extend it unless necessary schedule an appointment to close a new contract or present certain documentation.

Then, once you have defined the activities in each time slot, it is time to analyze what that destination has to offer. That would be the second step to explore the city between business meetings.

Tips for visiting the city on a business trip

In most cases, labor meetings are held in a large city and offices are in the center, where perhaps many tourist attractions are located. That is great news for you if you want to visit at least highlight. On the Internet you can get small guides of the city in particular, based on the days that you have available or in order of priority, between what is necessary and you can miss, at least this once.

It is good to know the times when these attractions are open. Remember it is not the same as high season low, and there are some days of the week are closed. Another issue to consider is will surely be with the few minutes, so you can not “afford” to wait in line to get a ticket or get into a museum.

But do not worry, because it also has a solution. In theaters, historic buildings, museums and monuments whose income is paid, tickets are available online. In some cases, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, so you can specify the schedule of the visit (a time slot in which you will go up). This is great for you if you want to tour the city in the middle of business meetings.

An interesting recommendation is that you write down on the agenda, with a different color, which want to conduct tourism activities and the time it will take you. Please attach maps, plans, tickets and receipts.

Transportation and transit can be your allies or your worst enemy when you’re against the clock. If you do not know the city well and have fear of losing and being late everywhere, see right from the moment arribas. The subway is the most recommended because it has jamming problems, but can also be a nightmare if you do not know the combinations right.

And finally, if you want to tour the city during a business trip, try to do activities within no more than 20 blocks. Thus, if you’ve stayed longer admiring a painting or a landscape, you’ll get faster to the next meeting. Hours Lunch and dinner can also be an excellent time to visit sites like best (there will always be a cafe or bar around a large square or near a monument).

As you can see, you need to visit the city between business meetings is the organization and prior planning. Do not hesitate to do some research on where you, you arrive early. Make every minute of your stay is easier than you think.