and, two of the most popular URL shorteners that this note will teach you to use.

Using the shortened links

Shorten links on something necessary if you want to communicate your page or blog on Twitter, by its restriction of characters, and also to avoid the huge directions on the screen. There are many free URL shortening (in this paper we suggest a few). Let’s see how to use two of the most popular: the Google and

InternetUsing the URL shortener

It is the clear favorite, and use is free and easy. First you must go to the home page of Bit.Ly and register using your email address and password in the section “Register with Twitter” or “Facebook”, which updates your work in the timeline of both networks. After completing these steps, you will find the main interface “Shorten your links and share from here” section. From there you can shorten and share the link directly.

To do this, enter the URL as is, and a brief comment. Later you can find all the links you’ve shortened, with its text, and also if they have already been published. You can also view statistics and information for each. Just enter the address, published or shared, and you have a short link .

Using the links shortener Google

Begin by entering the address of the service: . You will be referred to a clean and easy to use screen where you will see a dialog box that says “Paste your long URL here” or “Place your long URL here”. Enter the address and click on the button to the right that says “Shorten URL” or “Shorten URL”.

Then you see to the right of the screen the shortened version link in a box located under the phrase “Press CTRL-C to copy”, which recommends using CTRL + C to copy it directly, so you can insert it anywhere. Below, the statistical information related to each URL that acortes this service is shown, if you are a registered user on Google.

So, very easily and just copy and paste, have your shortened links to share anywhere, including in Twitter without taking too many characters. Free and simple, always available tools.