Nothing looks prettier than a gorgeous green lawn, but in many parts of the country it is too dry to keep a lawn looking lush and alive. Brown spots and areas make a lawn appear to be neglected, when the real problem is a shortage of water. Artificial grass is showing up in more landscapes as homeowners try to solve the brown grass problem in hot and dry climates. The newest versions are quite rich looking, and do a great deal to improve the landscape.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Pioneer Sand Company of Colorado reminds people that when you use artificial grass, you will never have to mow, trim, weed, edge, water, fertilize, or spray for pests. Your water bill will be reduced, no gasoline is needed for lawnmower engines, and no chemical sprays are used. This is all good news for the environment. Modern artificial grass in Colorado is beautiful, and it is hard to tell the difference between it and the natural without looking very closely. When it rains, you’ll never have a slippery muddy mess. Kids, dogs, and friends will not be tracking dirt into your clean house. It’s a wonderful surface for children to play on, and the grass never turns brown under toys that are left out or even under a trampoline. Your artificial grass stays green and lush all the time. You’ll spend more time enjoying your lawn instead of mowing, spraying, and weeding.

Minimal Maintenance

According to Houzz, if you have many trees near your home, a leaf blower is a good tool to have. You will also need a hose, a rake, and a stiff brush. Similar to live grass, dirt and debris can accumulate on the surface over time. A leaf blower or garden vacuum will quickly clear up leaves, plant debris, and dirt. Under normal circumstances, artificial grass only needs to be cleaned every few months. If you have a party and there are spills or children have left a mess while playing, you will want to clean the area right away. To keep your synthetic grass blades standing tall and natural, brush it regularly. You will be able to see when brushing is needed.


Artificial grass can be placed in a variety of small and large areas, used for putting greens, cover rooftop patios, and used anywhere grass is hard to grow.

Stop worrying about your brown lawn, and look into the benefits of having artificial grass as part of your landscaping.