Although most people like a tipple on a night out, it seems that more people are turning to soft drinks as a regular choice in pubs and bars. The popularity of soft drinks is soaring, while the sales of beers, spirits and wine dwindle as people look to save money. There is more need than ever for a reliable draught soft drinks supplier in each town as the range of drinks rises to keep up with customer demand.

Soft Drinks Popularity on the Rise

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From Patio to Diet Pepsi

From its first invention as a drink for diabetics, sugar-free cola has grown to become a global phenomenon. Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke are two of the most popular soft drinks in pubs. Interestingly, Diet Pepsi first started as a drink called Patio, as discussed in this article from the BBC, but was later rebranded to Diet Pepsi once its market popularity had been confirmed.

Soft drinks are not only a great option for people looking to cut back on alcohol; they are also cheaper than alcoholic drinks, which is why many people are choosing Pepsi over a glass of red wine. One of the reasons soft drinks have become popular is because of their advertising. Many soft drink adverts are highly memorable, such as the Tango advert from the 1990s, which was created simply in order to make Tango a famous drink.

Soft Drink Suppliers

With the boom in sales of soft drinks, bars and pubs have discovered it has become a necessity to find a draught soft drinks supplier that stocks a range of different drink options. Of course, it is not only the drinks themselves which are needed, but also the accessories and refrigeration units which come as part of the soft drinks world. In addition to the pubs and bars, many shops have been increasing their stocks of soft drinks, from supermarkets to small corner shops.

Economic cutbacks have caused many people to cut back on their alcohol consumption and look to soft drinks as an enjoyable alternative. This has also affected drinks sold in off-licences to customers taking their drinks home. However, alcohol sales will most certainly rise again, but in line with this, soft drinks will certainly continue to be popular, as coke and lemonade will always be necessary as mixers and to create delicious cocktails.