The Importance of Hair Stylists for the Stars
Hair stylists are not about to cure cancer or end the violence in the world. They won’t end world hunger or stop natural disasters from happening. They will however bring moments of happiness and beauty into other people’s lives and their own life as well. Stars want people to make them look great for red carpets, movie premiers and modeling shoots. Whether they’re helping an actress get her hair done for the Grammy’s, helping a model get fierce hair for the runway or assisting the latest reality star to go about her day while being filmed, hair stylists for the stars improve all of the lives they touch. They are confidence boosters and make the day of those whose hair they cut.

Top Hair Stylists in the Acting/Model World
The likes of Serge Normant, Rachel Zoe, Andyle Compte, David Mallet, Nikki lee, Chris McMillan, Ursula Stephen, Ted Gibson, Dan Sharp, Tracey Cunningham, Johnny Wright, Marie Robinson, Sally Hershberger, Christian Marc, Oribe, Hiro Haraguchi, Jena Kin, Ryan Trygstad, George Papaikolas, Andy Lecompte, Harry Josh and Mark Townsend are some of the top hair stylists in the celebrity “universe”. Even though they are some of the best of the best all of them have a unique, signature hair style or hair service that they typically are sought out for. Some of them are perfect at blowouts, doing highlighting, rainbow colors, hair cuts or updos. Most of them can do all the hair styling available of course, but most celebrity stylists do have a signature thing they are well known for excelling at for red carpet events or modeling shoots.

Training Celebrity Hair Stylists Go Through
Hair Stylists -even celebrity hair stylists- must typically obtain a Cosmetology diploma or certificate. Job experience, attending continuing education and hair shows are also important for hair stylists to stay abreast of current trends in the hair industry. Celebrity hair stylists especially need to stay current with trends and also have a touch of an inventive element to their hair styles so their clients will look unique. While word of mouth, having their own salon or having the right connections can help a hair stylist become sought out by celebrities, the best way to become a hair stylist for celebs is to get represented by an agency that has photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists. To get representation at agency stylists should create a portfolio of their work.

Salary of Star Hair Stylists
The annual salary of hair stylists for the star is varying. They can earn anywhere from about 50,000 to 100,000 a year. However this amount could be less or more even depending on the amount of clients they have, whether they are a free agent or working in a salon of their own or if they have their own line of salon products that they mass distribute.