When it comes to the list of dream businesses that people would often like to one day own, bars and restaurants tend to top the list. People imagine that owning their own bar or restaurant would be like something out of a television comedy and that coming to work everyday would be relaxing and carefree.

While owning your own food or liquor establishment can certainly have its fun moments, it can also be an extremely stressful job. Many bars and restaurants go out of business in their first year. It’s a competitive industry that requires a lot of hard work if you want to be successful. Here are some things to consider before you open up your own restaurant or bar.

There’s A Lot Of Licensing

From obtaining your food safety permit to your Texas liquor license, there are a lot of forms to fill out when you’re trying to open a restaurant or bar. These operational licenses are in addition to any building licenses you’ll need to obtain if you’re going to be construction your location from the ground up. Those who don’t have the patience for obtaining licenses and permits might find this industry quite frustrating.

Marketing Is Essential

Great bars and restaurants are great because they have lots of loyal customers. You can only get those customers if you’re constantly marketing your establishment and encouraging new patrons to walk through your doors. Marketing a restaurant or bar is a never-ending job. Not only do restauranteurs have to worry about their daily operational tasks, but they also have to worry about promoting their business as well.

Reviews Matter

There’s no job where reviews are more make-or-break than the job of restauranteur. Many industries can survive one or two bad reviews, but for a restaurant, one bad review in a high profile publication can be the kiss of death. This is why restauranteurs remain so dedicated to pleasing their customers and ensuring that every patron’s experience is downright perfect. Attempting to keep each and every customer happy can be incredibly stressful.

This list isn’t meant to discourage any would-be restauranteurs. Instead, it’s just meant to remind people how competitive this industry is. For those who have the dedication and the drive, however, it can be a very rewarding industry. Owning your own successful bar and restaurant is one of the greatest goals that anyone can ever accomplish.