Some believe that the effort we make our salary is not enough, sometimes it is wasted. Discusses what to do if your salary does not reach you.

What to Do When Salary not Reach?

Often we consider that the effort we make and our level of involvement, our salary is not enough. Moreover, we tend to compare ourselves with other companions, or salaries of other companies to see how the labor market.

SalaryAll this, plus the fact that sometimes our level of expenditure is higher than expected, do we need to reflect on our revenues.

Really cobras little?

Be objective about your salary is critical for your personal stability . When we think that the amount we pay is below what we deserve, we fall into discouragement and despair, and this is very harmful to us.

If your salary is not enough for you, make a study of payments for your professional category, talk to colleagues in other companies and ask how much they charge, look offers job search portals … It is important to know “real” if your salary is enough. Also, you have to keep in mind that the same conditions are some multinational companies that pay even above 20% more than others.

When your salary is not enough

If the conclusion is that your salary is in line with the market and still you do not get to make ends meet, the problem is yours and not the company. It would not be professional because you have not balanced your expenses and income, you lower your performance and go grumbling down the aisles.

If your salary does not reach, open a worksheet in Excel and pointing all your fixed monthly expenses, and your income. Learn how much money is left each month for your additional expenses and Adapt to save if you do not get at least finish the month with the same money in the account that you were the last day of the previous month. And if there is nothing in spending money, do not buy!

What to do if your salary is very low

If the conclusion is that really your salary is below the market can not stay without doing anything, that would lower your self-esteem and job satisfaction. Plan your request to upload your strengths considering the circumstances of the company, and looking for the best.

Sometimes we run into a wall of incomprehension, with illiquid companies or some who do not understand the importance of that staff are motivated. In such cases, assess seeking new job in another company, ensuring that there will be commensurate salary yes or above average labor market.

It is important to know whether what we receive is within the margins of the labor market to assess whether they are receiving adequate salary, or if instead, we need to ask for a raise. When after negotiation ‘well done’ we fail to equate our salary to the market, assess whether change company. Sometimes, if the salary does not reach but is in line with the market, we must balance income and expenditure.