Learn what it means to dream weddings, weddings, links and commitments to better interpret your dreams and knowing what your future holds.

The Meaning of dream of a Wedding

To learn what it means to dream weddings, weddings or engagements, the first thing is to interpret what is happening in our own lives. The wedding of someone close who is about to happen, or even your own, is a significant event that is likely to appear in your dreams.

RelationshipBut if there is nothing in sight nor why you can think of them (as a recent breakup with your partner, your engagement or other situation), read this note to know what it means to dream weddings.

Weddings in the language of dreams

Sometimes we dream of a wedding and woke up happy, believing it is an omen that warns us that soon there will be developments in the family. But this is not always true: sometimes the pictures of weddings and marriages, in the language of dreams are messages somewhat different from what is assumed as obvious.

Some good wishes and positive messages dream weddings include:

  • If you dream at the wedding of a friend or loved one, sitting in front as sponsor, it indicates very good relationship with one or both spouses.
  • Dream us as guests at a wedding shows us joys and upcoming festivities, although not necessarily the case of a marriage. The more colors we see at the wedding, the happier they will receive the latest news.
  • Dream us as witnesses or officiating a wedding tells of a growth in our social prestige, our status.
  • If you are already in the dream ‘re married and you’re greeting guests in the atrium or in the ceremony, said to have best friends and fun times.
  • If you are the guests who come to you and kiss you, predicts economic welfare for the couple or the dreamer. Just as if you dream of making your own wedding preparations (although you’re married or have a partner yet).

Foreboding to dream weddings

When we dream at the altar or at the wedding of a close and the guests appear dressed in black and dark colors, is making us know that soon there will be bad news in the family, including one death, just as if during the ceremony of problems or unusual situation. According to the meaning of dreams, is also ominous dream that we are in the municipality requesting a marriage license.

If you dream of marrying someone older, whether you are single or you’re a couple, is a sign of the early arrival of problems or diseases. If the wedding one of the grooms look angry gesture your partner, indicates anger about a close friendship with your spouse.

If a young person dreams of marrying and feeling sorry, within the meaning of dreams is to be frustrations on the couple or family, and if you already have certain age and dreams of marrying anguish, means there vengeful people in your environment and spiteful to predict your sorrows. On the other hand, if in sleep you are getting married and not feel emotions about it, you’re probably developing physical or mental illness.

If the dream wedding you see yourself leaving your partner at the altar or near the bed, ready augurs material and sentimental losses in your life. If you’re male and you dream about dressing for your wedding with some difficulty (the shoes do not get the clothes are wrinkled and dirty) indicates that you may suffer problems at work and in your health. But if you dream that your partner leaves you very close to the wedding or on the altar, is that your projects are not well posed, because you want easy money or shortcuts to accomplish your tasks, as affirmed by the interpretations that let you know what it means dream weddings.