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We at OLV are becoming big fans of the Coffee party. Initially formed to promote civil debate (as opposed to the tactics of the Tea Party), the Coffee Party seems to have found its progressive voice and is now actively calling on citizens to engage our government. Right now the focus is on calling Congress’ attention to the income disparity in this nation and refusal of our government to make corporations pays their fair share in taxes. Only 7.2 per cent of federal income is derived from corporations, while 33.7 per cent is derived from individual tax payers. By now most of us are aware of the wonderful example set by General Electric. Just what good things are they bringing to life? How about profit in excess of $12 billion. Oh, and they not only paid no taxes, but also got a big fat tax refund in excess of $3 billion. That took place while GE was shipping jobs overseas as opposed to creating them here in America. Exactly how much more profitable an environment are we supposed to create before GE decides to create some American jobs?

Here is some information from the Coffee Party. Please share it widely.

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