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As the war in Afghanistan draws on, Brave New Films asks how much money this is costing each of us as taxpayers. According to their calculator, I paid $4,798 to fund American war efforts this year. That’s a lot of damn money for a war that a large percentage of American taxpayers are sick of. It’s your war now Mr. Obama, and we are waiting.

Once you have determined how much you have paid, this site will send an automated letter to your Representative. The letter reads:

Dear Rep. (Name):

This tax season, I’m appalled to discover I have been charged $4798 in income taxes to pay for the Afghanistan War and other military spending this year. The Afghanistan War alone will cost taxpayers $107.3 billion this year just in direct costs. These huge costs are outrageous at a time when millions of Americans are still out of work and tens of millions more are fighting to pay bills and keep their homes.

I expect you to spend our tax dollars in ways more in line with your constituents’ priorities.

Next tax season, I don’t want to discover I’ve paid this much money for war. As my elected official, I respectfully request you honor that desire and do everything you can to support a swift, responsible withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan this year.


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