The universe of 3D printers is enriched by a continuous stream of proposals, which have the potential for these devices on the market.

Hard to say if it really will mark a new industrial revolution, but it is clear to everyone that the 3D printers in the future will have a major presence in the production field.

GadgetThe challenge for companies is to devise ever more refined models, which are able to adhere well to the different needs. A work of great subtlety is taking place also in terms of cost containment, which is central to the domestic solutions, intended, sooner or later, to mark important numbers.

Norge Ltd, a small Italian start-up based in Dover, Great Britain, has developed the draft of the new Ice9, an innovative 3D printer Laser Sintering (SLS) at low cost. The campaign’s fund-raising will begin on Kickstarter August 18, 2014.

What makes it special is the fact Ice9 to use the same technology that is currently at the exclusive prerogative of professional machines, which cost at least 10 times, with the same volume printable.

With Ice9, even small and medium sized design firms can afford to print functional prototypes made of alloy base plastic nylon or polyamide, large size and high resolution.

The project is in the process of maturation. As they say in these cases … if they are roses bloom. At the market to assess its quality.