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Sink or Swim: The Validity of Building on Flood Plains

Widespread flooding experienced across the UK this winter is likely to become a more common occurrence, according to global climate change experts.

How to Create a Luxury Backyard Fall Oasis

Due to the array of changing colors, fall season seems to be everyone’s favorite time of year. Inspired by nature, you can bring your backyard to its fullest potential with the right kind of planning. Creating a backyard oasis that… Continue Reading →

How To Cope With The Mid-life Crisis

Studies show that at least a third of men in their 40’s and 50’s admit to spending large amounts of money on a new car as a result of a mid-life crisis and some women confess to getting Botox or… Continue Reading →

Don’t Be a Basic Betch: Find the Coolest Brunch Spot Now

Who doesn’t love to brunch? There’s no pressure to decide whether you want breakfast or lunch before picking a restaurant and you don’t need to rush. If you’re really feeling scandalous, you can even order both breakfast and lunch, and… Continue Reading →

Volunteering as a sports coach

Volunteer sports coaches are teaching the next generation of sporting professionals about everything from football skills and tag rugby to field hockey drills. They are the lifeblood of amateur sports and can help children fulfil their potential and maybe even… Continue Reading →

4 NFL Teams With The Toughest Schedule In 2015

Professional football takes a lot of talent, but it also takes some luck. These four teams have some of the toughest 2015 schedules, so they’ll need all the luck they can get.

Notary Stamps Are Vital For Notarization Duties

A notary is a public officer appointed by the government to serve the community in non-litigious matters, normally concerned with deeds, estates, power of attorney, and international business. The main function of a notary is to take – Affidavits &… Continue Reading →

Psychic Mediums – How To Find The Best One

Psychic readers are also known as psychic mediums, since they act as an intermediate between you and the spiritual world. However, finding the best medium can be quite difficult, since the popularity of the psychic reading has given birth to… Continue Reading →

Travelling to the UK to watch the Grand National: A few tips

The Grand National is the standout race of Aintree’s yearly Grand National meeting, with tens of thousands of horse racing fanatics travelling to Liverpool for the event. In recent years, National Day – which takes place on the Saturday –… Continue Reading →

Hot Board, Cold Feet

Warm waters or wintry wonder… which one is your surfer’s paradise? Our blue planet has a lot to offer. Talk to different surfers and you’ll hear plenty of opinions when it comes to cold versus warm water surfing. Some prefer… Continue Reading →

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