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6 Must-Know Facts to Know Before You Adopt Standard Poodles

Out of several breeds of dogs, poodles are one of the most sought after by pet owners owing to their cuteness. These dogs prove as the best family pets and the most endearing thing about them is their joyful and… Continue Reading →

Strange Facts About Your Pets

Whether cats, dogs, horses or any other animal, we all love our pets! But sometimes they can be a little stranger than you first think. Here are some of our favourite strange facts about your beloved best friends!

What Type Of Cat Litter Box Keeps Your Cat Healthy?

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is a great responsibility of yours. It needs healthy food, shelter, and care and cat litter box for living. When your cat is happy and healthy it eats food, uses his litter box and… Continue Reading →

5 Things You Need To Check Before Applying For Pet Insurance

Pet health care and medical bills have shot through the roof over the past few years. A lot of the middle class families who owned dogs and other pets earlier are now finding it difficult to maintain their pets and… Continue Reading →

How To Make Sure Dogs And Cats Coexist Peacefully Inside Our House?

The question of whether dogs and cats can coexists peacefully is clearly one of the biggest conundrums. According to popular depictions, dogs are supposed to chase cats away and they will never get along. In reality, there are some truths… Continue Reading →

An Overview Of Best Natural Remedies For Your Dog’s Well Being

At times of distress, when one’s much pampered pet dog is ill or harmed and he is in need of relevant medicines one can opt for treating them with some efficient and effective home remedies which if properly applied can… Continue Reading →

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