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The Smart Woman’s Guide to… Home for the Holidays

When I was a young girl growing up in Chicago I remember the thrill of the first snow, Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation. It was a no-brainer– no homework, no projects and no tests. It wasn’t until I got older that… Continue Reading →

Hottest Coffee Trends to Try Out This Winter

The very popular beverage Coffee has started to find its right place in the gourmet world and has gained appreciation compared to other conventionally accepted beverages like fine wine. Serving as a work-motivator, it has also started to find a… Continue Reading →

Soft Drinks Popularity on the Rise

Although most people like a tipple on a night out, it seems that more people are turning to soft drinks as a regular choice in pubs and bars. The popularity of soft drinks is soaring, while the sales of beers,… Continue Reading →

Few Things To Be Noted Down While Ordering Chinese Food

You are most often confused while ordering from the restaurant menu list. The same goes while trying Chinese cuisine. Thus, the need to have full info about the ingredients used in the popular Chinese dishes and its tastes becomes essential…. Continue Reading →

Which Are The 7 Super Foods?

The word super food is quite commonly used nowadays but not many people know exactly what to look for when it comes to consuming the so called super foods. Basically a food that has a lot of health benefits for… Continue Reading →

4 Recipes with Potatoes

You no longer know what to cook? Try these easy recipes with potatoes, and makes the most of this versatile and tasty ingredient. Recipes for potatoes Everyday cooking should not bring complications, and so today we offer these recipes with… Continue Reading →

Making Waffles Gluten

You want to eat lighter but with taste ? Try these waffles without gluten for snack or breakfast, a tasty recipe suitable for coeliacs. Waffles Gluten Free Recipe The gluten-free waffles will, in a few minutes, one of your new… Continue Reading →

Vegan Recipes Homemade Ice Cream

Learn these 3 simple recipes for making homemade vegan ice cream, dairy, eggs, cream or anything you want to discard your diet. 3 Recipes for Homemade Vegan Ice Cream We offer 3 delicious alternative to dessert time, with vegan homemade… Continue Reading →

Making Ice-cream and Sabayon

Learn an easy way to make ice cream sabayon (sabayon, zabaglione) and the basic recipe of this homemade treat. Ice cream Sabayon Recipe Home Make homemade ice cream sabayon (sabayon, zabaglione) can be a challenge if you do not even… Continue Reading →

6 Seeds Healthy Cooking

Remember to soak the seeds for 2 or more hours before filtering and drain well, to activate its nutrients and eliminate the harmful. 6 Seeds Great for Cooking The seeds are a great addition to your everyday cooking. Not only… Continue Reading →

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