When furnishing a new home, office, or commercial building, you do not have to buy brand new furniture and decorations from expensive high-street stores. Neither do you have to waste time online purchasing furniture that can be made from flimsy materials, is shipped to your door, and is very hard to return if you have a problem with it.

Additionally, not everybody likes furniture that was manufactured brand new; a lot of home-owners see an intrinsic and historical value in things like antiques and old jewellery and you can find a lot of auctions Melbourne wide where this type of item can be acquired at great prices.

But the trick is of course, that you have to go to the auction and compete with the other people there! This can be stressful for some and exciting for others, but the best recommendation is to not let yourself get too attached to any single item that you want and not let your emotions get carried away. After all, even if it’s worth a lot it’s still just material!


If you are decorating your living room with antique furniture that you’ve got from an auctions Melbourne provider, then you might want to consider some leather armchairs or sofas from the 1960s. This retro style is much-loved and goes well with a lot of the modernist houses that were created in the 1950s by Melbourne architects. These low-lying furniture pieces encourage relaxation and come in nice pastel colours. They can be complemented with metal and glass tables, curve-ended retro bookshelves, and stylish glass vases from days gone by.

Country Cottage Ideas

Of course, not everybody lives in the city and some people want to go for a rustic, antiquated look. You can find a lot of great Edwardian and Georgian miniatures that will make any living room in a ranch or a cottage really stand out. You will also be able to find many heirlooms and decorative items that you can place around your bookshelves, side-boards, desks, and other surfaces around the rooms and the home.

Jewellery from Auctions Melbourne Wide

You can also get your hands on a lot of jewellery that is from many different time-periods at a Melbourne auction room. There are rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and tiaras. Some older items can be found as well that originate from private people’s collections when they are selling their estate. You can get older pieces sometimes, wedding rings from the 19th and early 20th centuries and sometimes even older. You can also get unique jewellery pieces made from ebony and other organic materials.