There are many times in life where you have to call on the services of a specialist company to take care of your technical needs. Whether it’s electrical installations, home improvements or any number of other essentials, you’re placing your trust – as well as money – in the hands of a company you’ve never dealt with before.

The internet has made it incredibly easy to find such companies and get a good deal, but also made it harder to find a business you can trust. What you see online isn’t always a reality and you have to be careful not to get ripped off or disappointed with the end result. Luckily there are some key signs to look out for when it comes to choosing a specialist company and that’s the aim of this article today.

What to look for on a company website

Normally, the first thing you do online to learn about a company is check out the about page (the clue’s in the name). While this is a good place to start, it doesn’t necessarily give a true reflection of a business though. If you’re hiring a writer, digital marketing agency or some kind of online services, then the about page should be flawless and convincing.

However, the best bricklayer in the region may not have such a knack for grammar or interest in hiring a copywriter. This doesn’t reflect his abilities as a bricklayer though and it’s always important to think about the kind of services you are looking for. Very small businesses may not invest in top-notch web design or writers, but it’s pretty unforgivable for companies with a workforce well into double digits.


Look for previous examples of work

Rather than focus on things like the about page, look for previous examples of a company’s work. If their website is up to scratch it should proudly show off the great standards of their work for all to see – so look for case studies, testimonials and any external reviews you can find.

This UK company (ABCA Systems) offers a number of electrical installation and maintenance services and you’ll find detailed examples of their previous work on a case studies page.

Check them out on social media

If the companies you’re looking at have a strong social media presence, take a look at their Facebook page and other social accounts. Google Plus is a great place for businesses and customers alike – with vital information, reviews and other clues about potential companies.

This digital marketing agency in Warrington has seven reviews and an average rating of 4.5 (out of five). This isn’t definitive proof, but keep an eye out for what people like/dislike about a business if online reviews are available.

Research their industry and give them a call

The internet is a great resource, but it can also be misleading. It’s always handy to research exactly what you need so you have a better idea of what the right company is all about. Read up and give them a call directly, just to ask them for advice. It doesn’t take too much to get an impression of whether they are genuinely trying to help or give you the sales pitch.

Don’t be afraid to call a number of companies and ask the same questions. If you research a company both online and offline it shouldn’t be hard to spot anything out of place. Keep in mind the type of business you’re dealing with and focus on what is most important to you – that’s the best way to spend your money with confidence.