Understand your mission in life also allow you a much happier existence, dedicated, consistent with that goal that fate, God or the universe have marked for you.

Our mission in life is why we came to the world to do, what we must accomplish in order to evolve

How to Know What’s Your Mission in Life

Go figure out the complicated question: our mission in life. That we came to the world to do, that we must achieve in order to evolve in later life, whether you believe in reincarnation or eternal life in paradise.

CareerUnderstand your mission in life (that you came to do), it will also allow you a much happier existence, dedicated, consistent with that goal that fate, God or the universe have marked for you. There is no scientific formula to tell, but there are simple exercises that you can implement to get closer to the goal.

Your mission in life according to your own self

We all have some special skill. That gift, so that the mere act of doing so, it puts a big smile on his face. It can be work, art, whatever. One of the ways to know your mission in life is to meet you, to know what it is that both enjoy doing, what you’re exceptional. Perhaps you have angelic voice to sing, and your mission is to bring happiness to others in singing. As big rock star like voice teacher, therapist as a companion for the elderly, the sick, children in deprived areas. Maybe you love to cook and have a knack for it. Perhaps you have a unique ability to teach, or perhaps for research.

Think about what gives you so much satisfaction in that particular skill you have, and then walking that road to investigate what the specific act that describes your mission in life. You can avail yourself of meditation, visualization or just an analysis of your own self to know, opening the mind and heart to a discovery that may surprise you much.

Your mission as your guardian angel

At birth, we come into the world with two guardian angels, two manifestations of these entities and protection company. Knowing also can help us know what our mission in this world. On one hand, we have our naughty angel, which puts us in action and motivates us to continue along our spiritual path, avoiding obstacles without dropping our strength. On the other hand, we have the subtle angel, which is what keeps us in touch with the whole, with spirituality and emotion. This angel is what inspires us, about our life we ​​need people there to learn from them as well as give and receive.

To ask your two angels will come to the knowledge of your mission in life can meditate or pray. Light a white candle and sit comfortably in the pose you want. Breathe deeply, relax and open your mind and your heart. Ask your angels doing to help yourself these questions: “What are the 10 things I like to do in life?” and “if you need not work or meet obligations, what would devote all the hours of my life?”. Responses are much related to self-knowledge, but this time you’re letting guided by your angels. Answer loud, in your mind or by writing on paper. You will see that the answer is there before your eyes.

Your mission in life according to numerology

Numerology also proposes a formula to know what your mission is, by treating the numbers of your life (eg, birth date). This information will let you know closer to what your great inclination, your mission. To make this approach you need to add the numbers of your day, month and year of birth, two values ​​for day and month, and four for the year.

Suppose you were born on August 4, 1986, then the formula is described as “0 + 4 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6″, which gives a result of 36. Now we need to get a value from 1 to 9 we again add the two digits: 3 + 6 = 9. This number is 9.

1. Persons Number 1 should explore the creative side, humility, innovation processes and objects, are encouraged to travel the roads of the arts (drawing, especially), architecture, design, publishing The invention, advertising, production (TV, film, theater) and dancing. From there, you must go your own way to meet your mission: an architect can design homes that will improve the conditions of the world’s population with less, for example.

2. Number two find their mission in life careers as negotiation, business leadership and working groups, law, psychology and psychiatry, journalism, letters, literature, photography, communication, philosophy, and diplomacy.

3. Number 3 is inclined towards artistic expression such as acting, singing, animation, mime, composition works, the press, cinema, media, humor, gastronomy, public relations, hospitality and event management.

4. People with No. 4 lean towards the tasks of logic and discipline, such as numbers and money management, accountancy, banking, investments, economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, business administration, agents of the Exchange, insurance or otherwise, also engineering, architecture, design, mining, construction, real estate, jewelry, watches, computer, mechanical, and electrical.

5. Number 5 looking for versatility, overcome fears and organize activities such as teaching and education, decoration, design, instruction, fitness (such as physical education teachers, aerobics and other sports), fine arts and physical expression (action, education or criticism), travel agent, flight attendant or community care staff, and other mass media.

6. The 6 tend towards social work to fulfill their mission in life, how well the management work and teaching ,, high responsibility, human resources, arbitration, mediation, counseling and coaching, psychiatry, psychology, psycho motor and psychology.

7. A person whose birth number 7 results are leadership, political (social, business, spiritual), the sell, promotion, business management, unions or groups, judge, social communicator and other charges.

8. 8 are suitable for handling of goods and money, as bankers, corporate lawyers, business consultants, and also the area of ​​health: medicine, nursing, nutrition, dentistry, psychology, health and research worldwide of alternative medicine.

9. The number 9 aim at the common good in actions such as welfare, organization, education, philanthropy, literature, law, communication and leading groups.

These numbers are not absolute truth but a hint to help you discover your life mission. Apply these techniques and think about what you love to do, that is the key to knowing what you came into this world.