There is no past or future, today is all we have and we should stay there. Discover some techniques for living in the present and feel full

To live the present is to focus on the now, no matter where they are clockwise.

Learning to Live the Present

Living this would require a huge mental training, or so it seems. So what we have to do tomorrow and next week and the fate of the summer holidays, and where we will spend the Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, we also review what we did yesterday, our last birthday, the delights of our childhood. We worry if we will make ends meet, and focus on how and when the last pay utility bills. We think what time we get up tomorrow and feel nostalgia for delayed awakening the previous Sunday. Anyway, we are not experiencing the here, the now, the present.

LifestyleThe Grand Master Osho reminds us of the importance of enjoying the present, this “being” that is our only reality. Like him, many great sages remind us of the need to recover our present, and often we are mistaken in thinking that do not succeed: it only unwillingly proportionals mentalizing and enjoy the day, every day. Here we have some good practices to keep in mind all the time.

The concept of living in the present

If you refuse to live for today, then you will spend hours in the past or in the future, that is clear. But you must remember that neither of these exists. Yes, you read it as such, and as strange as it may seem. Yesterday is past, no longer exists, we can do nothing to change it, avoid it or relive it. And the future has not arrived yet, we can not control or experience right now, because it is not yet born.

So we have only the present, the now. If your mind wanders places (times) exist, then what you’re doing is not exist, right ?. Understands this reality first, and see how to automatically start being aware of your present.

Techniques for living in the present

It is difficult but essential. Everyone will have their own technique to recover the mind from the past or from the future and from reality. As one who is trained to stop daydreaming, imagining, watch for things that are not live this requires that you yourself find the tool that brings you back to the here and now.

For example, some people are trying to identify the thoughts about the past, the future, imaginations, dreams and awake others. Train your mind to recognize it is a way of saying “hey, do not do this.” It is, for many, the first step. It identifies the time when your mind wanders.

Then, many choose to take action, mental focus by renovating a current one. While many choose the technique of corrective punishment (wear a rubber band on your wrist, and pull and release every time you notice your mind wandering, to correct this trend), others prefer to focus renewed mental focus on something very specific, analyze the bus in which they travel, people present at that meeting, the fabric of the clothes they wear or how they see cloud in heaven.

Useful resources for living in the present

One of the easiest ways to live in the present is listening to music. A song that we like and who informs us that while our attention hog rings, or let us sing and dance to. While you do not think about the past or the future: you are in total and complete “now.”

The meditation is also a way to communicate with your real interior. i.e.: contact the “I” you are right now. You can meditate anytime you want, you need it, you feel it, anywhere.

Finally, there are those who opt to choose a mantra to live in the present, a motivational phrase that helps recovering alien to the mind of the time now. They are phrases that should be repeated-in the mind or aloud when you feel your mind wandering, like “This is what I am now,” “This is this” or you feel, and you can even use an amulet or take you. When you feel your mind goes into another time, just take your amulet and concentrate on it, in texture and weight in their appearance under the light it receives now, or repeat this technique with anything that you have on hand to remind your mind about the importance of living in the present.