Garden is an important part of any house and especially when it is located at the front portion. Have you ever thought of decorating your garden as you decorate interiors of your home? It is true that there is no need of decoration in the garden during day time as sunlight and natural light is sufficient to impart the necessary brightness to it. But at night, its glory starts diminishing due to lack of light. For this, use of LED strip lights is the best option. The only thing that is needed is selection and installation of these lights in the most appealing manner. Let us see how you can employ LED strip lights to decorate your garden in an efficient manner.

LED strips along the path ways – You can install LED strip lights on the pathway of the garden that leads to the entrance door of the house. It will add to the beauty of the garden as well as show the route to the guests to the entrance of the house at night. You can use combination of different colours of LED strips at the pathways somewhere dim, somewhere bright to give a nice look to the entire garden.

 decorate your garden with led strip lights

 Sensitive LED strip lights- If you wish to turn on the lights in the garden at night only when you are there, then you can opt for the type that has PIR sensors associated with it. The LED strip lights will automatically turn on detecting presence of someone in the garden and illuminate the entire garden. Such type of strips can be installed in the corners and the centre of the garden to have a nice effect.

LED strip lights on the trees and small plants- Every garden has some prominent and attractive trees located at some specific locations in it. You can install LED strip lights on these trees to enhance their beauty even more. Always remember to use waterproof tapes for sticking LED strip lights on trees as well as other portions of the garden as water is used frequently in the garden. You can install lights on some prominent part of the tree such as trunk, branches or even leaves. Similarly, some small plants such as herbs or shrubs can also be used for installation of LED strip lights for decorative purpose.

LED strip lights on the steps, decks or arbours- Other way of adding beauty to your garden is to install LED strips on the steps, decks or arbours. These strips will accomplish double purpose i.e. decorate the garden as well as illuminate such places so that the visitors in the garden may walk through it safely at night. You can use multiple coloured RGB LED tape for this purpose. Install colour combination of LED strips according to the colour of the background surface.

Around the fountains- In case there are small fountains in the garden, you can also opt for installation of LED strip lights on the sides of the periphery of the fountain. It will definitely give an appealing and attractive look to the garden at night.

So, we have observed that there are different ways in which led strip lights co can be used to decorate garden according to one’s preference.