There are many transformations that have happened when it comes to technology. Technology changes every day, there are updates and modifications as well as improvisations on a daily basis. And it will not be incorrect to say that the present trend in mobile or small device computing has shaken and surprised up the entire computing industry. And this has happened over the past numerous years. There are a number of people who are wondering and are of the view that these mobile and small computing devices are ultimately going to take over the very contemporary and conventional desktop PCs. At present, the trends appear to put forward that it may also replace the desktop for various tasks. However, not everything can be exactly replaced.

Out of the many ways, solitary of the way in which the technology of mobile is trying to attempt to be like computers is via android. Intended for the most of the part, Android system only exists in the tablets and smartphones. However, in the present time, recent modern devices do not have a screen in existence at all. As an alternative, they are known as the Android mini PCs.

Devices at present: It is prominent that the android mini pc’s look very similar to the old USB sticks, however, in reality, they don’t utilize the USB at all. As an alternative, they plug up straightforwardly in the HDMI port, which allows them to be utilized to practically any modern and recent display. A diverse clan of manufacturers has these devices in the market. Out of those, one is Android Mini PC 4.4 that supports Wi-Fi and supports all the recent and modern web standards along with flash. It is the new age of computing. Another device as such is from Cozyswan UG007. This particular model is inclusive of android 4.2, 1 GB of the DDR3 memory, 1080p output, quad-core processor, 8 GB internal storage and much more.

Positives and Negatives: One of the major positives of any of this particular trend of devices is that they are exceptionally portable. It is fundamentally an entire computer system in a small little thing that looks and seems to be like a very ordinary USB stick. This device can plug up in almost any HDMI port. One of its negatives is that they do not offer as practically, productive or consistency or a familiarity of a normal windows machine. The android functions very well as a mobile operating system, however, as a desktop or laptop; it does not live up to the expectations when it comes to intensive tasks.

Conclusion: The Android Mini PC 4.4 are grand if your major utilization of the computer is to devour content. They are very solidly constructed and prepared devices that are priced economically and reasonably in comparison to other devices running on Android. Maybe because they do not include the extra sensors or a screen like the other devices using android like tablets or smart phones. Although they sure are a generation next product.