In Mumbai, renting a flat used to be one of the gigantic task even couple of years back too. The conventional way of checking out flats in Mumbai was like finding a broker, checking out the houses and then either finalize it with compromise or repeat the task. Getting connected with a good accommodation used to be considered as a matter of luck. But scenario has changed with the launch of portal which has crafted a new way of renting a flat in Mumbai.




Exploring ease the process of finding a suitable rented accommodation. They also have iOS and the android app, which is also packed with the same features and equally convenient and user – friendly. The landing page of welcomes you with the service option and you need to pick yours suitable option, followed by the city. Once you hit search, you are served with the list of all the properties available across the city along with their geographical locations plotted on the map

Filters for initial shortlisting of properties

Instead of getting lost in the vast list of properties, you can shortlist the properties with the help of the filters. The filters ensure that you can shortlist the property as per your requirements and priorities. The filters ranges from your rent budget brackets to life – style quotient including number of BHKs, facilities, amenities, type of accommodation (furnished or unfurnished) etc. Once you are done shortlisting the properties, you can have a virtual tour of the properties

Verified Listings and Photo Gallery for the inside view of properties

Once you done with the preliminary shortlisting of the properties, you can actually view the interiors of the room. This feature actually eliminates the process of checking out different properties personally thus saving your valuable time. When you click from the listings, a pop up displays with the photo gallery with Verified tag on it. All the properties enlisted in the portal are duly visited by the in – house team and they only clicked pictures from different angles to provide you with the proper understanding of the décor


Apart from the pictures, the pop – up display also provides you with the information about the locality and the area. To make thing simple, has rated those properties on different parameters like life – style, society, neighborhood etc., which reflects the insight about locality of the property and different amenities provided in and around the locality like medical help, café, theatres etc.

Topographical Presentation

The Topographical presentation helps you to have a proper ideation about the exact location of the property as well as the connectivity with the city

The display box has the option to shortlist the properties which you may refer later on and compare with other shortlisted properties. If you want to share the property information with buddies or family on social networking platforms, you can do it by hitting the share button. The contact numbers of the property enlisters are also provided to ensure that you can immediately get connected to the concerned person either on phones or messages to take it to the next level, and this way, has curved a new and interesting way for finalizing your rented accommodation.