You know the ties of solidarity? They are small strips of folded fabric shine in support of a cause. According to the color will have a meaning. Meet them in this note

SolidarityWhat are the Solidarity Links?

The solidarity ties, or awareness ribbons are small strips of fabric or other materials that shine in a small loop upwards, mostly decorating clothes at chest level, even today often find accessories and other items. Are used to support causes, commemorate events and relevant facts, and also as a way to raise awareness of various diseases.

Learn the meaning of the different colors of solidarity ties, and also some modern adaptations to create your own and support the cause they believe in heart.

Origin of solidarity ties

While it is not known with certainty the origin of the ties of solidarity , perhaps one of the greatest historical evidence is the yellow ribbon used by family members of the US Cavalry in the nineteenth century, and then said in a march military. That bar is used in the body, on the fronts of homes and also around trees and columns, in solidarity with the fighting soldiers and a sign of loyalty.

By the 1980s, this practice was used massively in marches and awareness campaigns by a disease that ravaged the whole world: AIDS, this time using a red ribbon. Over time, the use of these small bonds of solidarity has become a public statement, why can now see them in countless colors and styles.

Solidarity ties cancer and other diseases

There is a certain amount of colors of solidarity ties , so perhaps there are tones repeated. Some are quite definitive, as the slats to raise awareness about cancer and support families and survivors of this terrible disease:

- The yellow supports the fight against bladder cancer, bone and sarcoma
– Orange tie represents the fight against kidney cancer and leukemia
– The blue ribbon is for thyroid cancer and colon cancer
– White ties identified the fight against lung cancer
– Gold is against all types of childhood cancer
– The peach tie is against cervical cancer
– The emerald is for Liver Cancer
– Awareness Ribbons gray support the fight against brain cancer
– Ties lavender (light purple) are against testicular cancer
– The sky is for combat prostate cancer
– The pink bow supports the fight against breast cancer
– The purple represents leiomiosrcoma and fighting pancreatic cancer
– The black is the bar against melanoma
– Light green tie is supportive ovarian cancer and cervical
– Green is against Hodgkin
– The dark purple tie represents the fight against cancer of the esophagus and stomach

Political ties and solidarity colors

The solidarity ties shine in supporting numerous causes and combat other diseases too, like these:

- The red bar represents the fight against human immunodeficiency virus, or AIDS
– Yellow indicates support for the troops and militia
– Blue serves to sensitize the issue of child abuse
– The bow ribbon iris is to support marriage and equal gay rights
– The coffee bar raises awareness against snuff
– The black ribbon is used for public mourning, and also represents the combat gangs
– The silvery gray ribbon or seeks to raise awareness about diabetes
– The green ribbon seeks to increase knowledge and participation in organ donation
– The violet raises awareness about the problem of domestic violence and gender violence

There are many types of solidarity ties , including national flags, with writings, combined or in any way possible.
You can also get down to work and create your own style and combination of slats to support your cause, or to raise awareness Disease, social and cultural situations. What is it you want to communicate, you can with beautiful common bonds that look in your chest, with love and pride.