Swann Security Systems

Swann Security System is a do-it-yourself (DIY) security system for your home or office. If you seek to minimize installation and ongoing security costs but don’t want to compromise on effectiveness, this is an appropriate anti-burglary and anti-intrusion system you can secure from top utility providers in Australia.

Utility services for security such as Swann’s security systems are systems that include night-vision cameras and a network-capable digital recorder, and only require a simple analogue video display. The video display can be a TV you use on a daily basis (so long as it has a composite video input) or a computer monitor with a VGA input. These basic kits can cost upward of three hundred dollars, but are effective at monitoring your premises. Furthermore, the digital video recorder is 500 GB, so it can save up to three days of video. If the customer desires more storage, the hard drive is generic and can be upgraded to a higher-capacity hard drive.
The cameras can record both in the visible light and infrared spectrum, so at night-time it is just as effective. However, the four cameras included in the basic kit cannot be upgraded or modified with other kits. Effectively, purchasing one surveillance kit means you will have to install only those cameras, as other cameras are not compatible.

Operating the system is simple. The security system can connect to the home or office’s internet network and be controlled remotely so long as the cameras are connected using an IP setting. If the cameras are using an analogue connection, then they cannot be controlled remotely.

ADT Security Systems

ADT Security systems vary in scope and price. ADT Security systems can be do-it-yourself installations (much like the Swann system) or be a managed service from a centralized location. If the customer chooses the managed service, an ADT specialist will come to your home or office to install the cameras and sensors. These cameras will be connected to the home’s internet network so that the ADT monitoring specialists can access and control the cameras remotely. This service is much more expensive than a do-it-yourself installation, but it is usually charged on a monthly subscription basis (sometimes installation is free if you sign up for a long-term contract, usually installation is an additional upfront cost).

If the customer chooses a do-it-yourself installation, the upfront installation costs are the same as the managed service option (upwards of four hundred dollars), but there is no 24/7 monitoring and recording. The monitoring and recording is the responsibility of the consumer, not ADT. Thus, there is no monthly subscription cost for the do-it-yourself option.
Both ADT and Swannoffer great ways to protect your home or office. With a security system, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the property is safe. Lastly, many home insurers also offer policy discounts for consumers with third-party security systems, as this reduces the incidence of burglary.

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