Meet naturopathy and learn how you can reap its benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Naturopathic techniques massage, reflexology, visualization and other natural therapies are used to allow the body to heal itself.

HealthWhat is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic is an alternative, and natural considered holistic therapy , which is based on the use of natural means to alleviate or prevent disease. This therapy seeks the body to regain its “normal” health and wellness, so that are led restore the body’s ability to heal itself.

Know the bases and the most common uses of naturopathy in our time, to exploit its healing benefits in your own body.

The fundamental principle of naturopathy

The therapy Naturopathy is based on the notion that the human body is designed to have no less than 200 years . If you live less, is due to a poor way of life: physical degeneration, weakness, sedentary lifestyle and lack of vitality factors, such as outdoors, the sun, movement, rest and balanced diet.

The naturopathy says we are all born with a “vital force” a state of complete health that we wear through simultaneous acts of excesses and deficiencies. Although these events are given in – environmental – all areas of our lives, are feeding behaviors and what matters most to the current naturopathy. This therapy claims that the disease is no more than the effort of our body to adapt to the lifestyle we lead, and the cure is based on the evacuation of “evil” by mouth, rectum, bladder and other terminals body.

How naturopathy apply?

After exhaustive analysis of the patient, the practitioner will concentrate on three approaches to healing :

  • Feeding : eat natural foods, balanced and regular diet to nourish properly and help detoxify the body
  • Contact : using your hands, the practitioner will practice various techniques of healing touch, massage, reflexology, chiropractic, drainage, postural correction and other techniques
  • The mind : together with the other two, the practitioner will recommend to the patient therapies and techniques that promote relaxation, better breathing, positive visualization, and others, to raise the peace, welfare and peace of mind

The naturopathy is a noninvasive and no contraindications or adverse reactions technique. You can do it as regularly as you want or you need, always taking advantage of the services of well qualified professionals experienced in the field, and in centers supported by agencies of health and wellness related.

Consult your physician and the Center for Holistic Medicine in your city, and schedule your visit to begin your healing and beneficial therapy Naturopathy soon.