We want to make our home better, for the better means cozier. And cozier home environment can give us a relaxing and comfy feeling. That is what we feel about a home. How to decorate the home to give you a home feeling at the first sight when you open the door? Here are some suggestions for you from melodyhome.com when you are ready to decorate your home. 

Home Feel Cozier

Show your happy memory outside

When you are hungry, if the dishes is ready on the table you will feel happy. Similar to the home decoration, if you can review the happy memories, you will be full of energy and love your family. How to do this? For the simplest way, you may show your favorite family photos out, put them on the wall or hang them in the air. Or display your trip mementos on the wall shelf. 

Stick to your likes

Decorate your home in the way that you like can make the space feel cozier as well. For example, choose your favorite color as the decorating theme color. Pick the furniture that you like. Therefore, when starting decorating, stick to your likes, not considering the price and others suggestions all the time.

Use rugs

Rug can add warm feeling to a space so that the space would make you feel cozier. If you use it properly, it can be a light spot for the space. For a neat and clean look, you may pick the comparative small rugs and just put the coffee table on it, no other stuff. And for a steady and warm effect, you can apply the large rugs and put the sofa, coffee table and benches on it.

Tidy and clean environment is a must

When you open your door and see that everything is in a mess, do you have the cozy feeling for the space? Of course no! How to make the space tidy and clean? The first step is to add more storage space. Take full use of the furniture with storage function, which can hide the mess for you when you have no time for organizing. And the most important point for this is to keep tidy and clean environment. You are required to form the good habit of making items in the right order and clean for everything.

Make full use of the plants

Plants used in space not only for purifying the air and making the space smells good, but also for the fresh spirit and environmental protection concept. If there are green trees or plants outside the window, try to open the curtain and let you see those greens in indoors. If not, apply more green plants in interiors to make the space fresher and cozier.

Try Nursery wall decal

Nursery wall decals can create out the effect that you want, including the cozy home environment. To create the cozy home environment, you may pick the warm and light color tones. View more info about the nursery wall decal here.