All are eager to get a raise, but … what if the clock is ticking and our pocket remains stagnant ? Undoubtedly this frustration will lead us to consider the possibility of asking.

Steps for requesting a raise

In this world where always the salary of the top are the most coveted, and where the money you earn is not enough to be so quiet month and saving leftovers, ask for a raise seems to be the task that everyone wants to avoid but it becomes absolutely necessary … and just sometimes.

JobsBefore you stand in front of our boss and ask for a raise, we must develop a strategic plan for not surrendering to his hands and receive a “no” outright that we remove the illusion and desire to reapply. To do this, here is a guide of steps to consider and suggestions that will help us when negotiating salary increase.

Previous analysis to ask for a raise

As a first task before achieving our mission, will analyze our work . How has it evolved, if you have expanded our responsibilities, and if our task caused improvements in the productivity of the company or in any area in general. Recall that, in theory, our salary goes hand in hand with our office and our responsibilities, and of course, the effectiveness in the work, so if these points have improved since the last time we negotiate our pay, too it is just that the amount is updated.

Another important point is to check how much they won other employees who work in a field and similar to ours, both our company and around the workplace (can consult trade unions, professional associations or journals) charge, to consider the increased wage that we can receive . If we do not, we could run the risk of applying too high amount, which will put us dollops of “pretentious”; or too low, which show that we do not value ourselves and the work we do.

Asking for a Raise in writing

Once this “investigation” now we will develop a written plan . Here we will list all our activities, products and contributions to the company, before having a meeting with the boss, will serve to clarify the thoughts, to expose them to order and not to forget any important point. If the note is only a “script” for the interview or memo, it depends on the culture of the company, although it is generally more convenient to negotiate face to face in a normal conversation between professionals. And now the time to raise an interview negotiate salary increase, where here we clarify from the outset the reason why we intend to interview, not before having analyzed well who must turn to ask for the increase, as it should be the person responsible for making that decision . In case you have not chosen the right, not to despair; we let this person send your request to the appropriate parties.

It is important to carry out the process of submitting all necessary documentation to strengthen the arguments as well as a plan or project wise salary and writing, as it strengthens our position and also transmits an image of seriousness and responsibility.

The best time to ask for a raise

If we are able to ask for the raise personally in an interview , first evaluate what mood has our higher at that time. If you are short fuse directly is not recommended peek for any reason.

Also try to avoid making inquiries regarding a raise if we know that the company is going through a difficult time economically, because that will show us as greedy, do not care for the welfare of the company or our co -workers.

Define the amount requested

When we find the right time to ask for a salary increase , cautiously we can afford to make a slightly higher request we believe appropriate. Generally, the boss will want to cut something, so if you use this strategy also achieve the correct amount we thought. This slightly higher amount must analyze carefully and considering always the right time to do it.

If they reject our request, it would be nice to have a ready alternative plan . Wonder if instead of raise could give us tickets to buy in stores, some actions of the company, or maybe a subscription to institutions such as gyms, English classes, etc. Please ask for any improvement in conditions such as overtime, rest or flexible hours, among others. That’s something, and before returning empty handed this can leave fairly satisfied.

What you should not do to ask for a raise

We reached the point where we expose the most common mistakes, the tactics that we never used if we have our desired increase:

  • Attitudes to threaten to leave the company to go to another and play with counteroffers are not at all effective.
    Show angry about being unhappy and not have objective reasons, or ask for a pay rise without reasons , only make you sink like the Titanic.
  • Nothing to dislike more than a boss that those who compare their salaries with other employees of the company, therefore avoid arguments like this, and neither should keep a position of trying merit for what we ordered.
  • Finally, if we receive the requested increase, we must not divulge throughout the company, much less want to grab the elbow when they give us a hand, taking that vote of confidence to stay more relaxed.