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How to overcome fear of public speaking

Job interviews, courses, lectures, class presentations, oral exams, conversations with strangers … There are many situations that cause us to trigger adrenaline and suffer so annoying situations such as blushing, sweating, cough, tremors, excessive gestures, stuttering etc … From our… Continue Reading →

How to organize the agenda for a full life

The hours are 24 daily, although sometimes we seem less. But this feeling may be because we do not give priority to profitable activities that give us pleasure and make us feel full every day. Tips for organizing our agenda… Continue Reading →

Asking for a Raise, Strategies and Tips

All are eager to get a raise, but … what if the clock is ticking and our pocket remains stagnant ? Undoubtedly this frustration will lead us to consider the possibility of asking. Steps for requesting a raise In this… Continue Reading →

How to Sell Yourself as a Brand on Social Media

Everything you do on social media could either be harming or helping you as a brand. Your online presence should further your career, not jeopardize it. People can get their first impression of you through your social media activities. If… Continue Reading →

Working with Recycling Services to Plan a Kids and Teens Green Summer Project

A great way for kids and teens to go green during the summer is by participating in an eco-drive and working with recycling services. It’s a simple and fun summer activity that can help them earn extra cash, while learning… Continue Reading →

How to Overcome Job Interview

To pass a job interview certain skills are required. The good news is that you can learn and practice to get out of a situation Tips for Overcoming Job Interview Nobody says it simple pass a job interview, however, is… Continue Reading →

Career Options for Moms

If you are a young mom who wants to get back to work when the maternity leave finishes, or you are a stay-at-home wanting to use your creative juices – there are the job offers you can take advantage of…. Continue Reading →

Download power point template for various presentation purpose

Power point plays a big role in the business and education field to present about anything to the viewers. Students are using the power point presentation to present about their projects or any subject related details. The business persons are… Continue Reading →

How to Find Work in a Film Production Services Company

A company providing film production services helps movie makers in getting their work done easily. The company acts as the employer of record for all below and above-the-line personnel. Their responsibilities include arranging project certification, negotiating all country deals with… Continue Reading →

How to Live the Present!

There is no past or future, today is all we have and we should stay there. Discover some techniques for living in the present and feel full To live the present is to focus on the now, no matter where… Continue Reading →

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