Learn these fun ritual to welcome the New Year with friends or family

Rituals Fun Ideas for a New Year

If you’re skipping the family reunion this New Year, we offer these fun New Year rituals to be made ​​between friends, renewing the traditions and bringing happiness and abundance among these “dear brethren of the heart” that are our friends. It cone jealousy and choose your favorite, or do all the fun ritual for the end of the year!

LifestyleIdeas for ritual at midnight

With the last twelve strokes of the year, one of the fun New Year rituals we all know is to eat 12 grapes. Want to give it a funny twist? Choose grapes large sizes considerably and make challenges each other to see who achieved without causing a real enchantress. A little more? Do it while also fulfill the ritual of standing and sitting back 12 times, with each stroke.

Lingerie is a classic among New Year rituals. There are those who choose yellow to attract money, or pink to attract love, even red to attract passion. Guess what color the undergarment of those present at the table, writing down the answers on paper, and then confess color itself. Whoever has more hits may be winning a drink, or to decide the next ritual done.

Another popular ritual New Year’s fun to change garment. Just before the end of the first minute of the year, you must exchange a garment with someone else present, to strengthen their union and look to have each other a year of prosperity. To increase the challenge, must not announce who they want to make the change or what clothing exchange, saying only once the first second of the year.

Affective Rituals for the New Year

Not everyone will laugh: love also add to our list of rituals funny year end Just when strikes twelve, be sure to have a glass of bubbly in hand (or other drink than water alone and preferably having. bubbles), provide loud, crashing the cups and distribute hugs, kisses and good wishes to all present. Also keep a glass of water served and Vulcan the floor, preferably back to remind you that you are letting go of all the past, tears and lived there no positive traces left in you.

Remember that these rituals to midnight will be made between friends, people you trust and very dear. Beyond the laughter, take a few seconds of the night to appreciate these people around you, to value their company, to thank the Universe the possibility of a new year in his presence. Brandi, hugs, kisses and gives away a coin or a handful of lentils to each of your friends when you play the last stroke, and receives the new cycle with a huge smile on your face, a heart full of love, and fills the mind priceless memories with these fun New Year rituals, shared with the brothers that one can choose from.