Imagine if you are walking on the street and you suddenly slip by an object on the road without your notice. We understand it would really be an embarrassing situation. These accidents may occur at any time and any location.

Common scenarios and examples of Slip and Fall cases:

  • Wet Floor in a supermarket
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Wet bathroom tiles
  • Slipping on the street due to a banana peel or a related object
  • Uneven road while jogging
  • Slipping from the carpet on the stairs and many more such scenarios
  • Fall in the parking area, due to insufficient light
  • Fall from the furniture, placed in an incorrect place at work
  • Certain slip and fall cases can be legally

The researchers of The United States conducted a survey and were shocked to know that more than 15000 fatal accidents of trip and fall are recorded.  These accidents occurred in the elders in the age group of the 60s and amongst teens. Thus, do not feel embarrassed if you have been through a slip and fall case as you are not alone in the queue.

The patients shared their experiences about the unbearable pain they have undergone due to the injuries.

The major concern expressed by the residents of the U.S.A. is on the question about ‘How to avoid these fatal accidents?’ There are many laws in favor of the injured, but, unfortunately, many people are panicked by the accident and thus they avoid bringing these to the notice of the person responsible for these.

Below are the tips on how to prevent and recover from slip and fall accidents:

  1. During any such accident, immediately inform the store manager, landlord, person in charge of the place and describe them the incident.
  2. Gather information and contact details of the witnesses.
  3. Note down any information related to the incident, or factors that have contributed to this accident.
  4. Inform your doctor and seek a medical help ASAP.
  5. Get assistance from injury lawyers, who can guide you for a compensation to recover your medical treatment.
  6. If the place consists of a few instructions before you enter, make sure you read them carefully in order to avoid any fatal injuries. An example of this would be, a staircase which has a sign of ‘Work in Progress’, a path with a board of ‘Caution – Wet Floor’.
  7. In regard to your own house, place the furniture of your kid’s room rationally.
  8. Lock doors properly and block the access to any unwanted areas, which your kid might accidentally enter.
  9. Never leave water in your bathtub
  10. Keep the bathroom area always dry after you finish bathing

About the Author:

James Ford, works as a security personnel, who has been in this profession for quite some time. He has worked in many supermarkets and malls. James has a passion for writing articles on safety and security measures related to slip and fall cases. He has written his views in many guides on accident precautions and prevention.