Home decoration also helps to attract good fortune in the family. Discover how to influence your desires and prosperity

Decorative rituals for new year

The decor of the space in which we enjoy evenings of Christmas or New Year not only responds to the aesthetic, but also to the wishes of prosperity and abundance, among others.

DecorHow to Decorate New Year to bring good fortune, health and welfareHere are some details that can not be missed when planning to decorate your home for the evening of New Year celebrations, especially during the New Year.

Deep cleaning end of the year

As a first step, we started to do a thorough housecleaning. We will clean floors walls, furniture, and sorts the closets and cupboards, leaving the house in immaculate condition. This, as well as allowing look spectacular home is a true symbolism on leave behind and eliminate all negativity of the year to be preparing the house (and ourselves) to receive new experiences, adventures and benevolence.

Ears of corn for wealth and prosperity

When planning the decor, remember to include wheat spikes, either in a vase, as a motif in the center of table or on a tray at a nearby table dining furniture. The pins will help Angels to bring peace and good luck to both you and your home, but also for your guests.

As a special detail, give your guests a three ears of wheat tied with natural twine. This will also help attract abundance and prosperity. It’s a nice ritual that we can begin for the coming New Year.

Stones: health wealth and love

The stones are also elements that should not be missed in the decor. Somewhere, on demand or placed subtly, but near the place where they spend the evening, placed three stones (color, size and format you want), symbolizing the three pillars that want to attract into our lives: health, money and love.

The rite of the doll for New Year

Another rite that can perform and complement home decor, is known as “old doll”. Will tailor this doll family, or with our guests. To do this, each brings the doll some old garment, one (flammable) object that represents what you want to leave behind, or can even be placed in the pockets of clothes doll negative lists of things we want to leave. The doll accompanies us throughout the evening, and at midnight we burn it, letting go of all the negative past year.