Insurance and heard of Twitter, and if you are one of those few who do not yet have an account for fear of not knowing use or understand, learn some basic tips on this note.

Tips for Learning to Use Twitter

There are still those who refuse to learn how to use Twitter and other social networks, but you lose the fear, it is a valuable tool for keeping us informed and contacted known at all times.

TechCreate an account on Twitter

To start using Twitter, you must first create a user account, completely free, you can control from your computer or your mobile. Add the data requested by your profile as an avatar, a username that is easy to find and so on, everything just as you want, without the danger that too much information is published. Twitter users have a profile name preceded by the at sign (@).

After creating your account, pages to become his follower, while others will follow you. You can also send specific messages to someone, write the name of that particular user preceded arroba.

How to write Tweets

Everything you write on your profile page is called Tweet or post, and they also include calls to a particular user (to name it in a comment, for example) can also use tags or keywords. It is customary to comment on a specific topic, as stated in the comments by the pound symbol (#). Thus, when writing a word with the numeral before, the system designates it as a specific topic “topic”, relating with others. If you write in relation to a much-discussed topic (trending topic) you increase your chances of being read and re-tweeted (when someone posts a comment as it is).

Twitter was created as a tool of mass and instant communication. Therefore, the accounts of this network require regular comment. Take the portal to comment on events at work, in your life, a bottleneck in the streets of your city, a usable supply in the market, or to solidarity social and cultural events, among hundreds of options offered by this service.

Even if you have almost endless to discuss options, avoid doing constantly. Nobody will read yours five tweets per hour, you’re bored on the train. Keep your interesting, informative and lively comments, but without exaggerating or use the profile to complain all the time or insulting.

Use of abbreviations on Twitter

Comments on Twitter are limited to no more than 140 characters (including spaces, symbols, etc.). Many choose to abbreviate words with letters, which can be somewhat childish and sometimes incomprehensible. However, today it has accepted symbols that replace words in tweets as “#” to the number “$” for money, “♫” for music or song, and traditional emoticons are also used.

Finally, remember that Twitter allows you to share more than just text. You can include addresses, pictures and even videos to keep informed your followers and share in the distance.

Over time, you’ll see learn to use Twitter is very quick and simple, and will become a social network with much use in your everyday life.

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