Organic wastes make up almost 70% of our household waste, and is very useful to make an excellent fertilizer for our plants.

What do we need to make compost?

One way to maintain soil fertility is by incorporating compost. And nothing better than a compost , totally devoid of chemicals.

To prepare compost just need a piece of land, patience and perseverance.

GardeningFood scraps that we use to prepare this fertilizer are eggshells and fruit, vegetable, herb and used the coffee, leaves, manure, and some remains of pruning .

We must also find a few pieces of old cotton cloth or pieces of sheet metal to cover the hole that we will perform.

We must never incorporate into our compost remains of glass, bone, meat, plastic or cans.

How to make homemade compost or fertilizer

  • The first thing to do, then you have the basics, you dig a hole about 50 cm deep and 50 cm in diameter.
  • If you want to do just a little, we can use a 200 liter bin or the like, which incorporate the “ingredients” in the same way and proceed the same in their care.
  • Basically we locate the remains of pruning up organic waste and finally, cover with a little soil. Every day adds a bit of land that we took when we did the pot.
  • You must keep the pot or bowl covered with fabric or sheets, and add some worms to help aerate the soil.
  • If it’s hot, it’s advisable to water the fertilizer, since moisture is essential for the material to decompose and may form.

When the compost is ready?

The compost will be ready in about 2 or 3 months, if we begin to prepare for the summer. If we make in the winter, it takes about 5 months.

For added security, we can go and when reviewing the payment notice that all organic matter that we have placed is completely decomposed, the compost will be ready to incorporate into our plants. They will thank you.