LG wants to take the front of the PC monitor market with three models ultra wide curved, including a 4K and a model to be gamer to 144Hz.

LG brand is one of the most prolific in the world of display, the TV screens and in general. We owe it to them (and the eternal rivalry with compatriot Samsung) the development of 4K and curved screens.

MonitorLG aims both to the quality as to the amount, and IFA intends to bring three displays, one of which curved ultra-wide, a 4K and a screen gamer, with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. It is ultra wide monitor with a proportion 21: 9, a form which until now has not had a great success. The market, however, tends to change rapidly, and with it the expectations of customers.

“We three kings”

The first of the three models, unceremoniously christened 34UC97 is 34 “, with a resolution of 3440×1440. Its shape 21: 9 the curve “gives” as much as 25% of the screen in more than a 34 “16: 9, and it is so long as to encourage its integrated speakers, thanks to the curvature can be wrapped in the sound you. There is also a nice Thunderbolt port 2, basically only useful for a small range of users (probably Apple).

This display has the brothers really interesting, such as a fantastic 31 “4K. It’s called 31MU97 and will arrive at IFA 2014 in Berlin impress with its super-resolution. It’s not really a very common in shopping malls, given the rather small size. This monitor has a viewing angle extremely high, and turns out to be remarkably comfortable even in the group. LG boasts saying it can represent 50% of the visible color spectrum, which corresponds to 99% of theAdobe RGB Color Space. If you are a photographers chasing your neighbor’s display for the job, look no further: with a resolution of 4096×2160, you will not find easily an equivalent size of around 31 “.

Although the third monitor, a unit of 144 Hz-yet unnamed, is primarily directed to the gamer, we are not facing a unit with UHD resolution that promises its “relative” above. I do not think it will disturb too much of the hard-core gamer. After all reach 60 FPS is the most important thing, the resolution can also go to that country if the delays make you kill. A current 4K display can not exceed 30 FPS, then the brand if they can keep well … We are curious to see how this powerful display will be welcomed by the market.

Prices are unfortunately still secrets.