Swimming pools are intended for the entire family, but keeping kids away from the pool when you are not looking, it is very difficult, and you need to enforce strict rules, to avoid unfortunate events. Seaspray Pools are ideal for families, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Those that are less deep are more indicated for families with kids, because they make accidents less likely to happen. However, no matter the swimming pool design, you need to enforce kid safety rules, as the person responsible for the well being of your family.

Do not leave kids swim in the pool unattended
Make sure that at least an adult is supervising the kids playing in the swimming pool. Left unattended, kids can get hurt or even worse. The surface around the pool can become slippery when wet, and kids walking by, and even adults and seniors can suffer a nasty fall. Responsibility can be taught to kids, as well; teach them that they should not play recklessly, and how to call for help, when needed.

Teach your kids how to swim
Since you are already the proud owner of a swimming pool, use this opportunity to teach your kids how to swim. This can help prevent accidental drowning, that can occur even in the safest pools. Swimming is a very good physical activity and it will help your kids develop strong and healthy. Combating kids’ sedentary habits can be helped greatly by the presence of a swimming pool in the backyard.

No running and no pushing
Kids need to learn how to behave when they use the swimming pool. Especially if there are more kids involved, it is very important to teach them all the needed safety rules. Do not allow them to run all over the place, as slippery surfaces can cause them to fall and suffer nasty accidents. Also, make sure that they understand that they should not push each other in the pool or around it. As long as they respect these rules, the risk of accidents will be much reduced.

No eating in the pool
Sea Spray Pools contain natural or chlorinated water. The latter makes sure that the growth of algae is inhibited, and that viruses and bacteria cannot affect the health of those swimming in the pool. Chlorine maintains the water clean, but it cannot deal with larger debris that needs to be removed with a pool vacuum or a similar device. To maintain your pool clean for a longer time, teach your kids to avoid taking food to the pool, when they want to swim. Crumbles and food remains are conducive to the development of unwanted bacteria in the water, and they will also affect the clean aspect of the pool.

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