Swimming pools are a great way to add value to your property and to get your family to have fun and live healthier. Kids and adults alike can benefit greatly from the advantages offered by a swimming pool. However, classic designs may be considered too boring by homeowners, and they may want to look for some extra features to add to their swimming pools. Seaspray pools come in many shapes and sizes, and added features are also available for those looking for something more exciting and out of the ordinary.

Rock features
One great design idea that will definitely improve your swimming pool is adding a rock feature. Inspired by nature, pools become enriched with artificial waterfalls that will not only increase the visual appeal of the pool, but also the fun factor. Families wishing for something different for their swimming pools are highly recommended to try rock features. Installed in various parts of the pool, the natural looking waterfalls dripping on rock formations will get the entire family to greatly enjoy the time spent inside the pool.

You can also opt for natural Sea Spray pools, as they do not use chlorinated water. Since chlorine can trigger unpleasant effects, such as skin and eye itches, if your family members are sensitive to the substance, it is a good idea to choose a pool with natural water.

Water features
Another great design option you can go for, to make your swimming pool an even more interesting place to spend your free time, surrounded by your kids and other members of the family, is including water features. First of all, a water feature will add a dynamic element to your swimming pool and it will make it look and feel alive.
On the other hand, the sound of water falling is conducive to relaxation and you can greatly enjoy spending time unwinding in the pool, when the kids are done playing.

Spa like pools
Your swimming pool is the place where you can relax, do some laps to maintain in shape, or just spend time in a pleasant manner. Why not consider a pool with spa features? Seaspray pools are created with many purposes in mind, and spa like pools are very popular with homeowners because of the enhanced factor of relaxation they provide.

Consider adding extra features to your swimming pool, if you want to reinvent your outdoor space. Whether you want to opt for a certain type of steps, you want to add a waterfall, straight in your backyard, or you want to relax in a soothing, spa like environment, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Shop around for extra features, for added comfort and fun.

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We specialise in creating swimming pools while keeping our customers’ preferences and wishes in mind. All Seaspray pools are installed by the best professionals, and we believe that we can add value to your property by designing a swimming pool exactly how you imagine it. Opt for Sea Spray pools with extra features for more fun, relaxation and value.