Many times to an offense, we think that forgiveness is a gift to the other without realizing that the only benefit ourselves.

The theme of the day was “resentment” and the teacher had asked us to take fries and a plastic bag.

In class we chose a potato for each person we kept resentment. Write your name on it and put it in the bag. Some bags were really heavy. The exercise was that for a week take her along everywhere that bag of potatoes. Naturally potatoes condition was deteriorating over time.

RelationshipThe annoyance of carrying that bag at all times clearly showed me the spiritual weight that carried daily and how, as I moved my attention to her not to forget any neglected side in things that were most important to me. Everyone potatoes rotting in our sentimental “backpack”.

This exercise was a great metaphor for the price we paid daily to keep resentment for something that had already happened and could not be changed. I realized that when it was important themes incomplete or broken promises filled me with resentment, increased my stress, not sleeping well and my attention is scattered.

Forgive and let go of them filled me with peace and calm, feeding my spirit.

Unforgiveness is like a poison that made every day but we finally drops ends poisoning. We often think that forgiveness is a gift to the other without realizing that the only benefit ourselves. Forgiveness is an expression of love.

Forgiveness frees us from bondage to embitter our souls and sicken the body. It does not mean you agree with what happened, and you approve. Forgiveness does not mean to stop caring about what happened, or to agree with someone who hurt you. Simply means putting aside those negative thoughts that caused us pain or anger.

Forgiveness is based on the acceptance of what happened.

Unforgiveness binds you to people from resentment. You have chained. Unforgiveness is the most destructive poison to the spirit as it neutralizes emotional resources you have. Forgiveness is a statement that you can and should renew daily.

Often the most important person you have to forgive is yourself for all the things that were not in the way you thought. “The statement of Forgiveness is the key to free you.” What people are you resentful? Who can not forgive? Your are infallible and therefore can not forgive the mistakes of others?

“Forgive so you can be forgiven”

“Remember that you measure with the rod, you will be measured …”