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May 2015

Making Waffles Gluten

You want to eat lighter but with taste ? Try these waffles without gluten for snack or breakfast, a tasty recipe suitable for coeliacs. Waffles Gluten Free Recipe The gluten-free waffles will, in a few minutes, one of your new… Continue Reading →

How to Restore the System on Windows 10

If you accidentally uninstalled a program on your computer, you only need to restore the system from Windows 10 to recover. Here we explain all you need to do. Steps to Restore the System on Windows 10 One of the… Continue Reading →

How to prepare a motorcycle trip

Traveling by bike is an adventure, but can be dangerous if we do not take the necessary precautions. Pay attention to these tips if you’re planning a motorcycle trip. Review of the motorcycle before traveling To make a long motorcycle… Continue Reading →

How drinking alcohol without getting drunk

If we prepare our body and drink with discretion, we may consume alcohol without getting drunk … while maintaining our own limits. Tips for taking without getting drunk Is not it funny how some people seem to drink and drink… Continue Reading →

Workout Routines for New Moms

It’s only been a few weeks after you delivered that precious bundle of life and you are itching to get back into your pre-baby body. However, you can’t just jump into the gym and start pumping iron – your body… Continue Reading →

Tips for Selecting a Post Card During Your Vacation

There is rarely an experience better than being on vacation. Whether you go on vacation every few years, or you are able to get away several times a year, a vacation is a fun time in your life. Getting to… Continue Reading →

Vegan Recipes Homemade Ice Cream

Learn these 3 simple recipes for making homemade vegan ice cream, dairy, eggs, cream or anything you want to discard your diet. 3 Recipes for Homemade Vegan Ice Cream We offer 3 delicious alternative to dessert time, with vegan homemade… Continue Reading →

The Turkish Bath and its benefits

Dating back to Roman times, very popular in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the steam bath, commonly called Turkish Bath, has now become commonplace in several countries. About its relaxing properties, purifying and regenerating.

Coolest Ice Hotels Ever

Whilst many of us dream of a holiday in the sun, others seek colder climes when going on an overseas adventure. But aside from the usual skiing and snowboarding breaks, a new trend in winter vacations is springing up across… Continue Reading →

Game theory?

Game Theory is the study of strategic decision making. Specifically it is the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision makers. It can also be known as interactive decision theory.

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