There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of infrared heating these days – and I’m an advocate myself. But just because an alternative heating solution is more efficient, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will save you money. You have to weigh up the initial cost against the money you stand to save and decide whether it offers a profitable alternative on your situation.

If you’re aiming to sell your property, you need to be sure you’ll make enough on top of your investment to make a profit. And if you’re staying put you need to know you’ll make your money back and continue to save in the long run. So the burning question is, will infrared heating save you money?

The financial pros of infrared heating

While other heating systems warm the air of a room infrared heats people and objects directly. This is a far more efficient way of keeping people warm, which is where the bulk of your money will be saved. Infrared heating also takes effect almost instantly, so there is no need to preheat empty rooms or wait in the cold.

The other main financial benefit to infrared heating is the maintenance of systems is generally very minimal. Quite simply, there isn’t much to go wrong with infrared heaters so you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs. The only real maintenance involved is keeping your heaters clean – especially in industrial or very dusty settings.

The financial cons of infrared heating

The first drawback to infrared heating is the initial expense. This isn’t a problem if you choose the right system as you can expect to make your money back in energy savings. The trouble is there are many different types of infrared heaters out there and every manufacturer will tell you theirs is the best.

However, there is one little detail that often gets glossed over when it comes to infrared heaters – and that’s how you power them. Infrared heating is incredibly efficient at producing heat, but where does all this energy come from? Generally speaking, you have two options – gas or electricity – which adds to the overall energy consumption and compromises the money you stand to save.

Saving money with infrared heating

Of all the infrared solutions I have come across lately, only one really stands out as a genuine money saver to me. The key issue with infrared heating is the energy needed to power it – but not all electricity is generated equally.

Infrared heating powered by solar panelsputs a completely different spin on the money saving benefits. Not only do you get the efficiency of infrared heating, but you also source its power in a more cost-effective way. Naturally, you get less direct sunlight in the colder months, but solar panels are quite effective all-year round and you always have gas and electricity as back up if you need it.

The obvious downside is your initial cost increases as you need to install both infrared heaters and solar panels to make this work. However, the long-term savings make this the best overall approach from a financial point of view. And if you’re looking to sell your property as an eco-friendly home, this could be the heating solution to help you get the most from your sale.