Painting with acrylics, tips can be very useful. Here are some of them to be more confident about making our paintings.

Tips to Paint with Acrylics

Acrylic paints are widely used for making various decorative techniques, whose main characteristics are its fast drying and good covering power.

DecorBut besides knowing well the technique to be applied, there are other skills that will help us with acrylic paint that we achieve excellent results. Here are some tips:

Painting with acrylic paints

  • Prepare the surface to paint, care that is perfectly clean, dry and free from all traces of dust. If not, the results can not be expected.
  • Stir the paint well before use. Do not shake the bottle to do it, only lead bubbles. Use a stick or a piece of wood perfectly clean. Remember stir every so often while you’re using, as some colors settle.
  • Do not paint with acrylic if the day is very humid, rainy, very cold or heat. The best is an average ambient temperature and drying is done in normal and paint not suffer alterations in its finish.
  • Let dry thoroughly between applications.
  • Cover the jars just finished using them, otherwise the paint can dry and harden quickly, becoming useless for another chance.
  • Wash clothing that is soiled with acrylic paint on the spot. The dry spots are much more difficult to remove. We recommend having exclusive garments for this use (old or already stained).
  • When you have to paint over masking tape, use the acrylic pure form; if it is diluted, you risk to seep underneath.
    If you want to achieve more transparent glazes, acrylic mixed with a small amount of varnish.
  • When you do delineated, always keep your neighborhood clean and wet brush to make corrections.
  • Clean all utensils well when finished using them. The acrylic paint is removed with water.