A great way for kids and teens to go green during the summer is by participating in an eco-drive and working with recycling services. It’s a simple and fun summer activity that can help them earn extra cash, while learning more about recycling.

EntertainmentMaterials That Can Be Recycled

There are a lot of scrap materials that can be sold to recycling centers. Most consumer electronics fetch a good price from such facilities. Used soda cans are also great to collect because they are made from aluminum, a metal that can be 100% recycled. Soda cans are also very abundant and can be easily donated by neighbors and friends.

Getting the Help of Parents

The first step to starting this kind of project should always be with parents guiding their kids. From speaking with neighbors to coordinating with recycling facilities, parents should be present to help their children organize everything. While parents are there to support their children, they should allow their kids to be in charge and, in the process, gain some organizational skills.

Setting Up a Collection Box

This is where donations from other people will be placed. A collection box can be installed at the local community center, park, or school. Places that can be accessible to most people are ideal spots to set up a donation box. Don’t forget to include a sign that clearly states what materials are being asked for and what the project is all about. This way, there is less chance that scrap that can’t be recycled ends up in the collection box.

Then, at the end of summer, when a substantial amount of material has been donated, it’s all a matter of sorting the collected scrap and taking it to the participating recycling center. Parents and their children can learn more about recycling services by on the Internet.