Aging, it is a process all of us must go through whether we are ready for it or not. While we might not have any hardships as we age, ourselves, it is very difficult to watch a once active loved one start to slow down. A parent who was once climbing mountains, literally, is now struggling to walk through the grocery store without being out of breath. Then when you add in the sudden removal of independence it becomes extremely difficult. After all, how do you gently tell your mom or dad it is time to stop driving a car?

Excitement of a Corvette in a Walker
All the bells and whistles of a car

Hopefully, our parents can live for many years without ever losing their independence. If that is not the case, we can be glad that there are little things that make the aging process much less stressful. If it was not for the fact that it means someone we love is aging, the bells and whistles can be like shopping for a car. If your loved one is starting to struggle with breathing during everyday tasks the first purchase to consider would be that of a walker. Today walkers have bench seats just in case your loved one needs to take a breather. In fact now a days they even have walker cup holders. So not only can they take a break in the store, they can have a coffee when they do it.

Safety features

When thinking about purchasing a walker for your parent their are a few things to consider. Does the walker have wheels on it? If so that can make for a smoother less stressful walk as the body can push the walker instead of lifting it. This can take stress off of the joints. Just make sure if wheels are the choice, that it comes with brakes or it can become a safety hazard when the walker gets away from the owner. If the walker is a fold up edition, be certain to make sure it securely snaps into place. If the walker doesn’t it could collapse, although most are made well and are used in hospitals and medical centers all over the country. Make sure the walker is checked out regularly, its holding up a prized possession.


The maintenance on this particular vehicle is low. You might have to oil the hinges from time to time but other than that it is powered by your loved one. That means it is maintenance free. Never worry about it breaking down at 100,000 miles because this walker can and will go the distance.