Leaks in pipework can cost a large amount of time and money for a business. Often, the source of the leak can be difficult to pinpoint resulting in walls and ceilings having to be knocked down to access pipework. Small leaks can even go undetected for years causing rust, mold or mildew in the surrounding area as well as a loss of water, gas or air pressure. Therefore, leak detectors that can help you find and fix leaks immediately are extremely important for keeping your pipework in perfect working order.


One of the most important jobs that leak detectors do is ensuring the safety of those in the immediate area. Small gas leaks might not be noticeable right away but can be extremely dangerous if people are close enough to inhale the fumes for extended periods of time. Pipes that carry extremely hot water or compressed air can also pose a hazard if they start to leak, especially if there are electrical components nearby. Stainless steel tubing specialists in Minerva, OH, can help you design a custom framework that can increase the safety and efficiency of your system.

Why Leak Detectors Are So Important

Conserve Energy

Leaks can waste a huge amount of energy that results in larger energy bills for both homes and businesses. Systems that work with compressed air are particularly susceptible to leaks, and spotting an air leak can be extremely difficult. According to the US Department of Energy, 25% of compressed air is lost due to leakage. Ultrasonic acoustic detectors that can pick up high frequency sounds that indicate escaping air are the best form of leak detectors for compressed air systems.

Protect Your System

As well as wasting energy and resources, a leak can damage pipework and operating systems leading to breakdowns and expensive maintenance bills. Performing regular checks for leaks is an important part of keeping systems in good working order and will prolong the life of pipes and related machinery. Using the correct type of tubing for your system is also important and will help to reduce the amount of leaks.

A leak can range from mildly annoying to extremely dangerous, and the latter could have catastrophic consequences for your business. Escaping water, air or gas will also cost you hundreds of dollars in lost energy and repair bills. Leak detectors come in many shapes and sizes, so it is important to perform a little research to ensure you purchase the correct one for your system.