Tired of starting your favorite game over whenever you switch electronic gadgets? If you’ve ever tried to sync your favorite online game across multiple devices, then you know that it can be a royal pain the behind. To achieve this feat, even on a marginal level, gamers tend to try to sync their games to one online account, usually based on an email address, or through the dedicated server on their preferred mobile devices.

Sounds simple enough, right? The problem with this tactic is that it doesn’t always work as well as you may think. For instance, in a popular Summoner Wars forum, one gamer complained about having a deck built in one device but not having it available in another. In other words, it seems as if the gaming data was stored in the device rather than the app itself. This is just one example of the issues that can occur when gamers try to sync their online games across several devices.

But, it may please you to know that no longer will you have to deal with this annoying issue. How is this possible? Google, of course! The internet innovator is always creating the next best thing to improve user experience and the Saved Games feature is no exception.

With this tool, Google is looking to end the particular gaming frustration that comes when we lose our progress that we’ve worked so hard for, all because we had to switch devices. This Saved Games service. gives gamers an easy way to save their game progression to the Google server. This will allow gamers to retrieve a saved game’s data and continue their game from their last save point, no matter what device that they are using. In other words, this service makes it possible for gamers to synchronize their game data across multiple devices, even if your favorite thing to do is playing games on All Jackpots online casino on your Android.

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What’s more, they also offer generous cash bonuses and promotions to entice both new players to come and play and existing players to remain loyal. For instance, their welcome bonus offers new players the chance to get as much as an extra 1,600 pounds to extend their gameplay. The Saved Game feature will ensure that you can take advantage of all these bonuses and promotions without fear of your daily life (and the interruptions that occur) getting in your way. You can simply save your progress when something important pops up and return to the same exact spot after you’ve taken care of business. And if something should happen to your phone, (like it was lost or stolen) Google’s service ensures that you can pick up your gameplay where you left off.

The Bottom Line

The Saved Game service lets you play your favorite online games across multiple devices, without fear of losing your progress. It can also be used to ensure hat your gameplay continues no matter if you trade your phone in for a new model, your device is lost, stolen, or destroyed. While this may sound simple, it is a worthy investment that can save you hours of frustration.

What do you think about the options listed above? Have you found a way to successfully sync your online gameplay across multiple devices? Share your thoughts and/or experience in the comments section below.