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February 2016

Proptech: radical change to the housing market looms

Technology has changed many areas of our lives, from banking and shopping to travel and work; however, the property market has remained largely traditional and reliant on outdated practices.

Off-Plan Apartment Buying: Navigating the Minefield

Twenty years ago, you would struggle to find anyone familiar with the term ‘off-plan’. Today buying off-plan is an established way to buy a home and can represent a valuable investment – but a return is not guaranteed. What does… Continue Reading →

Pre-empting the gull mating season

Seagulls have become a menace across the UK, with reports of attacks on people and animals increasing with every passing year. These birds are particularly fierce in mating season and will become aggressive whenever they feel threatened.

Still Making Your 2016 SEO Action List? Here It Is

2016 is well under way, but if you have yet to get your hands on a well-defined SEO strategy we’re here to help. Here are our top tips for improving your rankings this year.

Sink or Swim: The Validity of Building on Flood Plains

Widespread flooding experienced across the UK this winter is likely to become a more common occurrence, according to global climate change experts.

Movavi Video Editor for Mac Review

To get started creating visually appealing and professional-looking videos using your Mac, you need the software to do so. It isn’t enough to just choose the first one you come across, mostly seeing as video editors tend to have a… Continue Reading →

It’s a fair COP21 guv: increased enforcement expected

While a variety of topics have been covered at COP21, discussions have mainly focused on transportation and carbon-based energy. It is clear that the food industry has a responsibility to play its part in achieving targets for carbon reduction.

Taking Your Sound to the Next Level in 2016

Most musicians and artists are constantly striving to improve the quality of their musical output. Whether it’s a question of becoming better at communicating intent and expression or just making improvements in terms of the quality of arrangement and performance,… Continue Reading →

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