What defines a social media manager?

Perhaps the ability to create good content, creative and engaging your audience. Or maybe listening to this, be aware of your needs and satisfy them in the shortest time possible. Or maybe … According to HubSpot, a social good media manager must have these qualities and more.

WEBSpecifically, a social media manager is 6 professional in 1:

Creator of content: Content is a key feature in any marketing, and social media is no exception. And as important as choosing it, is adapting. Therefore, social media marketing should be able to create and adapt to each particular social network.

Marketing Analyst: Learn to make a good data analysis is very important in marketing, because the result will lead us to a path or another. A social media marketing needs to be able to dive into the data, analyze it and draw better conclusions.

Updated: According to HubSpot, being in social media is like being in a crowded room of people you all are talking and things happen all the time. A social media manager needs to be there, know what people are saying, what is changing in social networks and industry, being able to react and respond according to what is said.

Customer: In charge of social networking company continues to be the spokesperson for the brand for many audiences, including customers, potential customers, journalists and fans. These constantly be throwing questions or comments about the brand, which will not always be good or positive. The social media marketing needs to be able to communicate with different types of people.

Facilitator in the community: The real communities do not just interact with the brand, but they do among themselves. That is why social media marketing should be active in those communities, doing the simplest possible communication on them.

Lead Generator: Social media marketing will be able to generate leads, and campaign to find the best way to get them. You will also need to connect personally with each potential customer.